DJ Dolores / Contraditorio

Brazilian music is DJ Dolores specialty. Originally from Recife, north-east Brazil, DJ Dolores and Orchestra Santa Massa mixes traditional music and laces it up with an upbeat electronica sound. This might be quite different from what you are used to hearing but it's unique to say the least. If you would like to discover world music then you might like this album entitled "Contraditorio." The album begins with "Santa Massa chegou!!!" an interesting blend of various instrumentation. DJ Dolores continues to experiment with numerous rhythms and creating sounds with different instruments. The title track has a cool backdrop. "Samba de dez linhas" is a dizzying whirlwhind of sounds, bordering on bizarre. "Suburbio Soul" is a more mellow track, which is a change from the fast paced electronica beats of the previous tracks. "Adorela" brings back the upbeat vibe. The album ends off with a remixed version of "Catimbo,"an interesting instrumental track.

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