DMX / Grand Champ

DMX (Earl Simmons) is one of the most successful hip hop artists on the music scene. He has also taken up acting. Many of you must have seen his performance in "Cradle 2 The Grave." The Baltimore native's raspy voice is distinct and is well recognized for his signature growls & bark. His vocals are raw and mainly centered around the usual topics relating to violence and the street life. DMX presents his latest entitled "Grand Champ" which also includes a bonus DVD which features behind the scenes footage of the popular artist. The album begins with "My Life" featuring Chinky. It's introspective and the lyrics are powerful. "Where The Hood At" offers upbeat hip hop grooves but he expresses some of his beliefs quite strongly, which some may take offence to. "Get It On The Floor" features Swizz Beatz and is a cool club anthem. The successful 50 Cent hooks up with Styles and DMX for the gangsta track "Shot Down." Eve, the first lady of the Ruff Ryders along with Jadakiss offer up a notable performance on "We're Back." Once in a while DMX surprises us with a few songs that have some depth. This can be heard on "The Rain" and "Thank You" featuring an impressive performance by Patti Labelle. Also check out his seductive duet with Monica entitled "Don't Gotta Go Home." Check it out.

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