Overshadowed by the overwhelming popularity of Brit-rock bands such as Radiohead and Coldplay, UK's Doves have never been given the credit their eclectic music deserves. With the release of The Last Broadcast in 2002, Doves finally began turning heads and flew o­nto top-40 radio stations with their catchy single "Caught by the River." Sadly, it seems as if 15 minutes was all that the general public was willing to give Jimi Goodwin (lead vocals/ bass) and twin brothers Andy (drums) and Jezz Williams (guitar). While the boys may have not become a household name just yet, their fans are few and far between. Their latest release is a compilation of B-sides dedicated entirely to those devotees. The disc contains cover songs, demos and new takes o­n old classics from their repertoire including such adored tunes as "Break Me Gently" and "Down To Sea" as well as previously unreleased instrumental pieces such as "Meet Me At The Pier" and "Zither." Even though Doves original songs are the album's main attraction, it's Hit "The Ground Running" (their spin o­n the late Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London") which really steals the show. While mainly for those familiar with the band, Lost Sides contains enough quality recordings to make even those jaded by the recent "British Invasion" bob their heads in approval.

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