Eagle-Eye Cherry

Incase you've wondered about how Eagle-Eye Cherry's name was attained, here's the reason why. Cherry's father, who was also a musician and o­n tour at the time of his son's birth, saw young Cherry for the first time as he was sleeping. His son opened o­ne eye, peering up to his father, and this inspired his namesake. But the cuteness fades as his music comes into perspective. Edgy, groovy rock'n'roll is what Present | Future is all about. There are many moods o­n this record, for example the slide guitar o­n "One Good Reason" sets a swaying country-rock feel that gets down and dirty. But the first track, "Been Here o­nce Before" is a song that presents a type of happy radio single. It is this variety that has brought Eagle-Eye Cherry to the level he is at today. An interesting quote made by Cherry upon completion of his first record, gives you an idea of how surprised he was with his own success. "All I hope is that the record sells well enough that I get the chance to make another o­ne." I definitely enjoyed Present |  Future and I recommend this album to any rock fan.

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