Edie Brickell

Edie Brickell's new CD was a long time in the making and required some prodding from a few of her musician friends as well as her husband Paul Simon.  Volcano is filled with interesting, smart and textured songs that takes you o­n a wonderful journey. This may be Brickell's best album released to date and may eventually become a classic.  As always, Edie Brickell is in perfect voice and the songs o­n this CD let you enjoy her truly unique sound. 
This CD includes 13 tracks performed by Edie Brickell (guitar and lead vocals), veteran musician Charlie Sexton (guitar, background vocals, melletron, cello, viola, violin, percussion, lap steel guitar), Pino Pelladino (bass), Carter Albrecht (piano) and Steve Gadd (drums).  Volcano is o­ne of those wonderful CD's that just flows like lava from o­ne track to the next.  Even after a few listens it is difficult to distinguish o­ne song from the next; Edie Brickell has composed a novel-like album that will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys thought provoking, easy listening tunes.

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