Eliza Carthy

At just 24 years of age Eliza Carthy makes her major label debut with Angels and Cigarettes, her previous critically acclaimed independent album was released in 1998. Singer songwriter, Carthy has a gift for expressing the personal side of her life through her songs, intertwining folk with modern music.  This CD is a light mixing of strong whimsical lyrics, a gentle voice and lilting violin music.  Songs of note are the forthcoming single Whole, and Beautiful Girl.  Whole is a wonderful tribute to love and the trials and desires it brings.  The music and singing wrap the listener up in a gossamer of sound, light but substantial.  The fast paced musical score of Beautiful Girl expresses the torment and envy of trying to meet societal expectations of feminine beauty. Definitely a CD to listen to, enjoy its relaxing qualities and thought provoking lyrics.


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