Ella Fitzgerald

Ouch! What could be better than original cast recordings of Broadway classics o­n old vinyl? Easy…Ella Fitzgerald's latest re-release o­n CD, Ella Sings Broadway! Enjoy Ella's wonderful take o­n Broadway favourites o­n this twelve-song collection includes classics such as Rogers & Hammerstein's Dites-moi and I Could Have Danced All Night of My Fair Lady fame. Personally, my favourite thing about this album is the way this first lady of jazz caresses the corners of Frank Loesser's tunes (If I Were a Bell, Warm All Over, Guys and Dolls, Somebody Somewhere). With fine arrangements (and conducting) by Norman Granz, this album (originally recorded over a 3-day period in 1962) marked a sidestep from Ella's usual style. Nonetheless, you feel her swing and can't help but be seduced by her quintessential mastery of vocal smoothness. Having selected the tunes herself, Ella Fitzgerald gets right inside each word and each note, and you feel her excitement about the music that she sings. She always gets what she wants. But then again, that's Ella.

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