Emma Shapplin

If you like music from the likes of Sarah Brightman then you will certainly enjoy Emma Shapplin's new album entitled "Etterna." Her strong vocals are energetic and filled with emotion. "Un Sospir' di Voi" is melodic and has the artist really hitting those high notes. She continues to do so o­n "Aedus" which has a modern musical backdrop. There are two versions of "La Notte Etterna" o­n the album. o­ne being the original and the other is remixed. The remix outshines the original. ":Celtica" has a stunning soundscape. The haunting sounds of "Spesso, sprofondo" will give you a chill. The mellow sound of "Nell' Aria Bruna" is a pleasant listen. Keep in mind that all songs o­n this album are in Italian and since it is an enhanced cd, you can pop it into your cd rom to check out an interview with Emma.


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