Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris' latest album "Stumble Into Grace," has an element I can't quite put my finger o­n. Overall the sound is melancholic and a bit sluggish yet Harris' soft angelic voice gives the album stability. The seventh track o­n the album "Jupiter Rising" is the most upbeat country-folk song o­n the CD. This album's ebb and flow puts me to sleep. The tonality is too sluggish and the musical content does not have the dynamic range found o­n Harris' earlier albums. However, Emmylou Harris creates superb lyrics and her lyrics are the strong suit of this CD. I highly recommend this CD for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. So, if you're an insomniac rush out to your local 24 hour store and pass the aisle with the sleeping pills and pick up a dose of Emmylou Harris' latest remedy for sleep disorders and Stumble Into Grace. If you like soft country spiritual music, folk music and soothing tunes you will enjoy Emmylou Harris' new CD.

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