Enrique Iglesias / Quizas

Latin hearthrob Enrique Iglesias has achieved spectacular success with his English albums "Enrique" and his current "Escape." It's his Spanish albums that introduced the world to the talents of this superstar. His latest album offers up eleven Spanish tracks that fans will certainly enjoy. "Tres Palabras" has a pleasant musical backdrop and has Enrique singing with much emotion. Dance rhythms are present on "La Chica De Ayer." The title track is a beautiful ballad. Another good track is "Mamacita." A great guitar rhythm accompanies Enrique's upbeat vocals. Also check out "Sueltame Las Riendas," the Mariachi version of "Mentiroso." If you like his latest hit "Don't Turn Off The Lights," then you'll get to hear the Spanish version as a bonus track on this album. Check it out.

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