Etienne De Crecy

Etienne De Crecy's Tempovision starts the listener off with the sounds of the all too familiar computer modem dialing and connecting to something. What it's connecting is the listener, and the sonic plateau of Tempovision. Introducing this eleven-track house album with "Relax" is definitely a well-chosen foundation for what is to follow. As the CD progresses through "Out Of My Hands" and "Am I Wrong" (which has a video bundled in along with the CD) I began to really grasp the depth and talent of this French DJ. Etienne De Crecy, in the house scene for ten years, was the first Parisian artist to release a house track, as well as set-up an independent dance label. Some more of Etienne's fingerprints can be detected as the producer and mixer of the very first Air single. As well as a guiding influence o­n Daft Punk's debut CD. Nearing the end of the album!, I was entranced by tracks like "Scratched" (which is the second video bundled with the CD) and its warm soulful vocals. I can highly recommend this record to any house or dance fan, or if youíre not into this kind of music, give it a try.

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