I was amazed the minute I put o­n my earphones. I found myself intrigued by the diverse sounds Fisherspooner creates. Most classify the band as electric music but it is much more than that. o­ne thing the group must be credited for is the fact that they succeed in putting the listener into a "trance" whether it is o­ne of rage, numbness, or rave feeling. The songs are vulgar as well as soft. Fischerspooner must be given credit for their completely unique approach to music as well as style. I do not think the CD would appeal to the majority of the population because it is very diverse. The DVD that comes with the record is totally worth a look. Fisherspooner is much more than simply the music they create. They brought a new approach to performance and paid major attention to art, dance and performance. There are a lot of experimental touches to their presentation. They succeed in creating an atmosphere, which is hostile and at times claustrophobic. While listening to their music, you feel transported to a parallel universe of sound. Their different techniques found both o­n their DVD and CD definitely deserve your attention.

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