Fisher is a true singer songwriter, bringing into her songs themes such as the pursuit of fame, fear, independence and love.  The title of the album is at first reminiscent of wilderness and northern life, but in fact the song True North is about love.  in a slow pulsing song filled with vocals and a spare backup Fisher sings "no o­ne could love you more, my true north".  This style sets the tone for the whole CD, as emotion filled songs whirl around and crash over you like waves in a storm blue sea.  An exceptionally impressive song is Miseryland, accompanied by a trotting beat which details how "I don't wanna go for a ride down to miseryland trapped with you".  This  collection of songs is worth listening to more than o­nce.  I really enjoyed Fisher's sound and her often insightful, sometimes painfully honest lyrics pushing through her songs .

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