Flunk, a four-piece Norwegian group combine fundamentals of electronic psychedelic music along with folk guitars and vocals, similar to Morcheeba and Björk. The soundscape For Sleepyheads o­nly is very hypnotic and dreamlike, resembling the soundtrack to a surreal film. Flunk controls their dynamic edge with a sense of "cool" and ease uncommon in most bands.  The opening track "I Love Music" merges spoken word with electronica among other elements. The heavy emphasis of synth melodies along with a healthy dose of acid-jazz, sets this band apart and will satisfy many of you.  The second track is New Order's  slowed down version of  "Blue Monday" which deserves infamy as a slight electronica tour de force.  The effervescent "Honey's In Love;" continues the trend laid out o­n For Sleepyheads o­nly.  "See Through You" gives a glance into o­ne of the CD's darker components. o­n "Syrupsniph," the electronic chips and chirps and spacious ambience lend a distinctly ethereal experience to the music, the closing track, "Distortion" is an exceptional song with lofty rhythms and melodious acoustic guitar playing. Fans of psychedelic chill music and other experimental forms of music will embrace this wonderful effort by Flunk.

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