Frank Popp Ensemble

Living in a world where synthesized pop and radio-friendly R n' B rule the charts, I cannot help but be shocked when something like the Frank Popp Ensemble comes along. If the lead singer of o­ne-hit wonders Dee-lite went Motown, this is exactly what it would sound like. Borrowing a bit from 90s dance music and a hell of a lot from the funky femme fatales of yesteryear like Diana Ross and Shirley Bassey, Frank Popp Ensemble are a quirky throwback to the cheeky soul infused pop of the sixties. It's great to come across a band of outsiders who do not take their image too seriously. But when it comes to their music, these guys are professionals. With curiously titled ditties such as "Belly Bossanova", "Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans", "Mullet King" and "Robbie, Tobbie and Das Fliewatuut" (for their huge European fan-base), Ride o­n is a delightfully campy collection which is guaranteed to make this quirky clan instant popp-stars.

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