Front Line Assembly

Austrian-born industrial spearhead Bill Leeb has been up to this noise forever. He stepped out decades ago as "Wilhelm Schroeder" of Skinny Puppy. 1986 brought o­n Front Line Assembly, when Leeb teamed up with Rhys Fulber and Michael Balch. Epitaph is the product of a four-year partnership with Chris Peterson. Their newest CD takes several steps back in the direction of Tactical Neural Implant (1990), o­ne of Front Line's apex releases – whose spray remains o­n the industrial hydrant. This ubermodern descent to dark-edge disco patterns is a Leeb-Peterson segue to the Leeb-Fulber affair with guitar (circa 94) and promises the 'old school' tech-industrial fans some pretty swell sequencing, dusted with the bleakness you'd expect from o­ne of the dudes responsible for Morpheus Laughing…and his new buddy Chris.

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