Here's Canada latest homage to two loveable yet screwed up young adults. Existing o­n a diet of beer and chocolate bars, lifelong friends Terry (Dave Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) explore life's little idiosyncrasies and the tragedies that can ensue. The friends stumble over each other and are inebriated throughout most of this docu-style film. This film proves to be refreshingly honest in its portrayal of life o­n the drunken side. Watch out Bob and Doug Mackenzie, watch out Wayne and Garth ala Wayne's World, here comes something completely real and believable yet thoroughly funny. This Albertan production brings together the three filmmakers who also appear in the film. This film will remind you of several indie films, put together o­n a shoestring budget: including Clerks, Mall Rats, and Blair Witch Project. This film will not win any cinematographic awards however several scenes will keep you in stitches…enjoy. 

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