Miami's Glasseater are well-known in the States but have yet to carve a name for themselves in Canada.  "Everything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down" is the band's fourth album release and this may be the album that gives them the recognition they deserve north of their border. It's been 2 years since their last CD release, just enough time for Glasseater to rethink their direction as a band. Working with producer James Wisner (Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory) has definitely contributed to the band's matured sound. Having toned down the screaming in favor of powerful melodies, this album explores the somber side of emotional pop punk. Glasseater's talent shines through o­n this album: tight harmonic unison from Julio Marin (lead vocals) and J.C. Lopez (guitar, vocals) mixed in with catchy riffs and hooks produced by Ariel Arro (guitar) and J.C., while Anthony Lopez (bass) fills in the missing links. Nathan VanDame (drums) has put the basic punk beat o­n the back burner and has opted for loads of diversity. The songs o­n this album are about life experiences. The title track speaks of oblivion, with an unwillingness to see the truth: "undress this world's outer skin, I'll wake up to reality". "From Cradle to Grave" explores the idea of seeing the world through different eyes. Songs like "Greetings… Goodbye", "Falling Apart" and "Recurring" focus o­n soured relationships. Each song o­n this album radiates with Glasseater's new found confidence, producing a very solid new release; check it out.

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