Grateful Dead

Aoxomoxoa was released in 1969 and even after 34 years several of you including myself still have trouble pronouncing the name of this creative masterpiece.  This, The Grateful Dead's third release o­n Warner features an album that is solid; there are no throw away tunes o­n this o­ne.  Yes, o­nce again the sonic attributes o­n this release are astonishing and the added liner notes and photos are also fun additions.  Thrown into the mix this time around are: Clementine Jam, Nobody's Spoonful Jam, The Eleven Jam, Cosmic Charlie (live).  This wonderfully eclectic album drenches with comedic and psychedelic overtones synonymous with those crazy daze in the Haight district of San Francisco.  The treasured St.Stephan, China Cat Sunflower and Cosmic Charlie are released o­n this ageless release.  I hope some of you who never forayed into the "Dead's Space" give this o­ne a listen to, you will not be disappointed.

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