Grease Band

This CD has a great feel to it, rock and roll softened by a hint of country and blues.  The band members, who o­nce played as back up musicians for Joe Cocker, have become a popular band in their own right.  This is the first time their 1971 debut album has become available o­n CD.  Songs, such as "Mistake No Doubt" have an easy soulful quality that enjoys the traditions of gospel, R and B, Rockabilly and good ol' southern boogie.  That's pretty interesting considering these good ol' boys are Limeys!  "Willie and the Pig" has a quintessential rock feel from the 60's and 70's era.  The pounding bass of "Down Home for Momma" is enough to get anyone grooving. 
Out of the 15 tracks, 5 are bonus tracks, including: "Believe In What You Believe In", "Let It Be Gone", "Laughed At The Judge", "Willie & The Pig", & "Peyton Place Boogie." All of the bonus tracks were recorded live for the BBC Radio o­ne's "Sounds Of The Seventies."  Spend some quality time listening to this album. 

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