Hawksley Workman

With so many Christmas albums to choose from this festive season, you may want to check out "Almost A Full Moon" by Hawksley Workman. It's a non-traditional selection of songs so don't expect to hear classics like "Walking In A Winter Wonderland" or " Frosty The Snowman." You may also find some of the lyrics amusing like in the second track "Learn How To Knit." Hawksley says "I don't have a cent this Christmas, usual it seems so I'm gonna learn how to knit. I'll knit you a sweater, I'll knit you a scarf, I'll knit you a cigarette holder, I'll knit you an aeroplane to fly and meet me here." The lyrics are unusual to say the least and the trend continues throughout the entire album. "First Snow Of The Year" follows. It's a peppy little tune. I should point out that Hawksley's voice and music style is distinct. That is the best way to describe it. The mellow "Merry Christmas (I Love You) is far from anything sentimental. Lyrics are " So why do we speak now that we made another war that's what men are good for. Men with stupid insecurities." The mood of this song is somewhat somber but he gets some points across. The title could have been a bit different but maybe he wanted to catch the listener by surprise. If that's the case, it worked. There is even a song called "Common Cold" which is exactly what the title says. More unusual tracks follow so I will just let you discover this strange but unique holiday album.

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