Hayden Desser is a Canadian enigmatic musician who has sold close to 300,000 copies of his previous album, "The Closer I Get". Before I can mention anything about the edgy folk-rock music contained in "Skyscraper National Park", I need to address the artistic originality in this record's packaging, for example, if you were to stand in front of a rack of CDs, this o­ne would stand out by far. Its brown cardboard case with a moose drawn o­nto the center, laced with scribbled track names and fine print o­n the back, makes you scratch your head in awe and just wonder, "Why?" But further exploration drives you deeper into the creative flow of Hayden. The first track, "Street Car" is a soothing introduction to a raw, melodic, and intimate album. The listener is, in a way, teased further with the lack of lyrics available for reading. It seems that Hayden's mission is to stimulate the listener's mind. If you're into rock music that's intimate and out of the ordinary, then "Skyscraper National Park" is a shoe-in for you.

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