From the minute I put in this CD and opened the multicolored punk-ish booklet to read the lyrics, I found myself singing along to the catchy, but aggressive rock'n'roll that is contained in "The Greatest Fits". The Headstones originated in Toronto, and their website's eye-pleasing intro describes them as a "realistic, semi-nihilistic, aggressive rock'n'roll band". I must agree, they are nothing short of their description. This album presents the listener with a fruitful array of songs while staying within the boundaries of their described style. With songs like, "Cubically Contained" and "Settle", the listener gets a good idea of the variety that The Headstones toy with. These two songs are some of the lighter pieces, but equally powerful in their own way. Something that is  note-worthy is the addition of personal accounts in the CD booklet. For most of the songs' lyrics, there is a personal account by each member as well as their crew about its writing process, or recording experience. This is something quite original which provides a more personal touch to the album. I recommend this record to any punk-rock fan that loves to sing-along to catchy, jumpy tunes!

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