High Crimes

Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman reunite as partners (Kiss The Girls), this time up against the formidable U.S. military machinery in High Crimes, a clichéd thriller directed by an otherwise capable director, Carl Franklin (One False Move, Devil in a Blue Dress). In this, Franklin doesn't rock any boats, delivering a predictable prescription suspense parable, with Judd as the high-powered female attorney, Claire Kubik, enjoying an idyllic life in Marin County with her sensitive, caring hubby, Tom (Jim Caviezel). Their lives are torn asunder when the FBI arrest Tom as a covert military operative accused of killing civilians in El Salvador 15 years earlier. Claire, believing the charges are a case of mistaken identity as well as a cover-up, prepares her defense case in a top-secret military court, where she is assigned novice military attorney, Lt. Embry (Adam Scott), whose naïveté underscores his efficacy. Enter Charlie Grimes (Morgan Freeman), a washed-up, "recovering" alcoholic ex-military attorney with a huge grudge against the system. Freeman adds a note of credibility to the melodrama, but can't save a feeble script from skidding into a contrived finale, rendering the entire film suitable for videoland at best.

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