Hilary Duff

Making the crossover from film to music is not necessarily an easy task for anyone, let alone a 15 year old teenager. However, Hilary Duff seems to pull if off quite well. Her latest CD entitled Metamorphosis follows the Disney Mania CD, her 2002 Christmas Album and two Lizzie Mcguire CDs; o­ne composed for the television series and the other for the film. After listening to the album, I was pleasantly surprised. Hilary Duff's delivery is similar to Avril Lavigne's edgy style with a sweeter and more delicate voice, thanks to producer "Matrix" who also produced Lavigne's latest CD.  "So Yesterday" the first single from the disc is catchy and you can easily sing along to it. This CD is not without flaws. You will without doubt notice a few cheese drenched lines and at times sub-par vocals, but all in all this is a fun album not to be taken too seriously.


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