Holly Cole

It may be getting cold outside, but Holly Cole's new Christmas album will warm you for the upcoming festive season. This new CD is produced by Holly Cole and pianist Aaron Davis.  The album captures Holly Cole's sophistication with David Piltch o­n bass, an orchestra and both her jazz and pop style.  Her rich, versatile and resonant voice is easy to listen to and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has a diverse spectrum of seasonal emotions.  As usual, Holly Cole gives each traditional song her own signature.  By the time you reach the album's second track "Baby, It's Cold Outside", performed as a duet with Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson, you'll be humming and singing along.  This album is infectious and by the zesty fourth track "Santa Baby" you'll be swaying as well.  This CD is a pleasure to listen to and if you like Holly Cole you definitely won't be disappointed.

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