IAM / Revoir Un Printemps

French Hip Hop group IAM have been getting much attention in Europe for their innovative style and exploration of new sounds. Their follow up to "L'Ecole au Micro D'Argent" drops after a six year absence and is entitled "Revoir Un Printemps." The group's members include Akhenaton, Kheops, Kephren, Shurik'n, Imhotep and Freeman. This being their fifth album, shows a more mature side of IAM. The group has a strong vocal style and a rich sounding musical backdrop thoughout most of the album. They raise the roof with "Nous," one of the highlight tracks which also includes groovy vocals from Karyna Samet. "Quand Ils Rentraient Chez Eux" has a cool vibe. The six guys from Marseilles team up with well-known American artists Redman & Method Man on the track "Noble Art." Redman & Method Man's lyrics are cheap and it's too bad because it takes away from IAM's vocal intergrity. An example of this is their American counterparts refer to women as "ho's" and talk about getting wasted. The title track is a decent effort. "Armes De Distraction Massive" looks at the sad state our world is in today due to ignorance and destruction. Beyonce is all over the place these days. A debut solo album and a new movie out. She collaborates with IAM on their track "Bienvenue," another highlight of this albm. Other notable songs include "Ici Ou Ailleurs" and "Pause." This album is worth checking out.

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