Icon of Coil

Icon of Coil is the brainchild of Andy LaPluega, the Norwegian-born musical chameleon who is also a member of Detroit hip-hop band LAW, industrial band Devils Into Crime, and punk-metal acts Lash Out and My Right Choice. Now LaPluega may be a dilettante, and "The Soul Is In The Software" causes o­ne to wonder: Is this his passion or is he just dabbling? Icon of Coil make club music with heavy-duty, thumping bass and drums, and the production value is very high, but the songwriting is just weak. o­n this album, LaPluega appears to be working with the concept of modern day urban depression; the angst of the working man. The two best tracks are "Thrillcapsule", a straight-ahead synthpop song, and "Absence", a jumpy yet hypnotic tune that uses what sound like sacred music from the middle ages. "Everything Is Real?" uses Alan Wilder-inspired layering, semi-rap singing, and a soft-trilling piano. What struck me was that it could very well have been a David Usher song in its structure. Another o­ne of the better songs is "Love As Blood", because it actually goes somewhere, unlike "Riotations", which is just repetitive and dull. "Access and Amplify" is very trancy and euro, but the vocals are rather flat and lack conviction. Though "The Soul Is In The Software" is getting heavy play o­n internet radio stations like 'ampedout' and 'rantradio', it really is a very weak effort.

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