Iggy Pop

The original "King of Rock / Punk" is back with a vengeance. Known for his signature brand of unadulterated Detroit rock, Iggy Pop made a name for himself in the early 70s along with help from the unruly jam-band The Stooges (which boasts the talents of founding member /guitar wizard Ron Asheton) . Sadly, Mr. Pop and The Stooges decided to part ways in 1973 after their collaboration o­n the critically adored Raw Power. o­ne would assume that the men have finally settled all artistic differences and other disputes reuniting o­n 4 brand spanking new tracks (including the 70s throwback "Here Comes the Summer" and the disc's title track). Though to draw our attention away from the fact that they're back for o­nLY 4 tracks, Iggy Pop looks to some of his friends in the recording industry for a little bit of assistance. Wannabe punk revivalists/self-proclaimed Pop fanatics Green Day and Sum-41 make an attempt at transforming Iggy into an idol for the adolescent crowd again by bringing a bit of teen spirit to o­ne track each ("Private Hell" and "Little Know It All", respectively). If this sounds like far too much testosterone for you; Caucasian, female rapper Peaches graces listeners with her appearance o­n a couple tracks (including "Rock Show") proving that women definitely know a thing or two about getting down and dirty.

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