India Arie / Voyage to India

The talented India Arie charmed us with her spectacular album "Acoustic Soul," which was nominated for seven Grammy Awards. It is still unbelievable how she did not win even one. In my opinion, her album is a winner regardless. Her follow up "Voyage To India" stays along the same lines as her debut. At the age of 25, India is obviously wise beyond her years. She offers up soulful rhythms and lyrics that reflect truths that we sometimes forget but need to be reminded of once in a while. She tells it like it is on "Little Things." Respect is the main theme on "Talk To Her." A beautiful tale of love and it's depths are explored on the soulful "The Truth." The spiritual journey continues on wonderful tracks like "Beautiful Surprise," "Headed In The Right Direction" and "God Is Real." This album is pretty good but "Acoustic Soul" was superior.

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