Irv Gotti Presents The Inc.

Mr. Irv Gotti is the head honcho behind the record label that brought Ja Rule and the hugely popular Ashanti onto the music scene. Not only that but he sings too. The Inc. album is filled with sixteen Hip-Hop and R&B laced tunes from the many artists on his label. "Gangstafield" features Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah, Ronnie Bumps and Chink Santana. It's a typical tune that one would expect from such artists except the beat is kinda cool. By far, the best track is "Down 4 U" which has JaRule teaming up with the talented Ashanti, Vita and Charli Baltimore. It's smooth and Ashanti truly does shine on this song. "No One Does It Better" is a collaboration between Charli Baltimore and Ashanti. A cool girl power track to groove to. "The Pledge" once again features Ashanti and Caddillac Tah. It's a bit weaker than previous tracks. So is "The Rain" sung by Jody Mack, 0-1 and Ja Rule. As if we haven't already heard it enough, it's already appeared on J-Lo's album. It's back again, "Ain't It Funny" where the recently divorced latina teams up with Ja Rule and Caddillac Tah. The rest is so-so but there are definitely some cool tracks worth checking out.

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