James Brown

Born o­n May 3, 1933 James Brown grew up in Augusta Georgia. Living a life of poverty he emerged successful and world renowned thanks to the original music that Brown began recording in 1952.  He sang gospel with Sara Byrd, then later flourished into an R & B musician, but those soulful beginnings always clung to James Brown's sound.  The first track of the CD, "Please, Please, Please" became James Browns first mega hit.  "Try Me" became Browns first R & B number o­ne hit and went gold almost overnight. In the late 50's  James began to assemble his band including: quintessential tenor saxman J.C. Davies, Nat Jones (sax, keyboard), Maceo Parker (sax), Melvin Parker (drums), Jimmy Nolen (guitars) and John "Jabo" Starks (drums).  In 1967, Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis (sax, keyboards) joined the band.  As the years went by several other musicians also joined Brown's band and eventually became stars in their own right.  This double CD features 50 of Browns most distinctive and defining compositions, songs that we're all familiar with.  Brown plays the soundtrack of our lives, singing about love, pain, sorrow and happiness.  Throw o­n a James Brown CD no matter how you're feeling and "The Godfather Of Soul" will add a bit of soul to your life.

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