Jason X

"Jason X", the latest and greatest Friday the 13th flick, reanimates not o­nly title character/inhuman killing machine, Jason Voorhees, but also a sagging movie franchise. From the outset, the action/gore is fast and frenetic but, thankfully, so too are the witty quips, self-referential humor, and campiness – the David Cronenberg cameo being an especially fitting touch! To cut to the chase, Jason and his nemesis, Rowan (played with aplomb by Lexa Doig), end up in the distant future after a stint in cryogenic stasis. They both emerge from their deep freeze and the hunt begins. Of course, this time around, the distinction between hunter and prey blurs as the body count mounts and the hapless crew, or rather sexy android and Lara Croft wannabee, Kay-Em 14, takes matters into her own hands – at least until, Jason gets an upgrade!!! Along the way, we are treated to copious amounts of creative carnage, some holo-deck hilarity, the farcical destruction of a massive space station, and best of all, the promise of yet another entertaining sequel.

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