Jazz Is Dead

If Jazz is dead and so is Elvis. Jazz Is Dead was born in 1998. After the death of guitar guru Jerry Garcia in 1995, countless offshoot projects spawned. To name but a few: The Further Festival, Phil And Friends, Joe Gallant's Project, Bobby Weir's reinvigorated Rat Dog and The Dark Star Orchestra. Of all the newly conceived ways of presenting the Grateful Dead's everlasting musical repertoire Jazz Is Dead leads the way. The four member band includes: Jimmy Herring o­n guitars, Herring also plays in Phil Lesh's band, Jazz bassist extraordinaire Alphonso Johnson has played in The Other o­nes, keyboardist T Lavitz has played in Widespread Panic and The Dixie Dregs and Rod Morgenstein o­n drums also performs in The Dixie Dregs. This band recaptures the true sense of "The Dead's" approach to live performances, playing o­n the edge and keeping the music interesting and vital. Seven songs are captured from The Great Sky River (Hindi for The Milky Way) concert at the Inter-Media Arts Center in Huntington N.Y. This awe-inspiring album will be enjoyed by most who loved the Grateful Dead's music and anyone else who appreciates fine musicianship. Catch Jazz is Dead in New York and quite often in Burlington, Vermont, theyíre quite accessible and most enjoyable. 

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