Jazz Pharmacy Live-Montreal’s “Space Kings”

Mere words can't describe  Jazz pharmacy. The "Pharm" opened the show for Michel Cusson last night at The Spectrum. These guys have to be witnessed live to be appreciated.  This multi versed electro-funk, ambient jazz-hop band slips in and out of "spaces" and have the courage to make a distinct musical imprint upon our city.
Founding members Eddie Cola (drums) and Phil Clarke  (vocals,keys) have a daring sense of adventure that emphasises improvisation. shortwavedave Bennett  (short wave radio, sampler and guitar) adds a "trippy" sound to the mix and Fraser Nash rounds out the unit o­n the bass guitar.
The audience had an opportunity to observe the assorted types of music  Jazz Pharmacy can play. The short but inspired set featured o­nly five songs; they included Amnesia, Feelin' Irie, Desire, Different Life (a completely improvised bilingual rap tune) and Get With The Flow.
The boys take pleasure in taking their fans o­n mystic voyages with long and spacey improvisations.  Jazz Pharmacy blew away Montreal at this summers Jazz festival   with there 'drugstore funk' which is  a wonderful blend of jazz, groove, pop, jungle and hip hop.  "An innovative synthesis of acoustic sounds created by their voices and instruments, and manipulated by an ever- e  x  p  a  n  d  i   n  g  array of effects."    and last nights performance to a full house at the spectrum was no Exception.
Check out  Jazz Pharmacy o­n college radio and also keep a watch out for them here in Montreal as they play several shows in town every year. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their second album which is slated for release in 2001.

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