Jeffrey Gaines

Jeffrey Gaines is a throwback to the singer-songwriters of yesteryear. Equally accomplished in front of a mike as he is at composing tunes, the Pennsylvanian native crafts songs that are essentially thoughtful distillations of the vagaries of modern life. "Always Be", his fourth CD is chock full of just such insightful, telling tunes. His music/style, for the sake of comparison, recalls Ben Harper, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello and others of their ilk. That is to say, it runs the gamut from slow introspective woe-be-gone love songs like "Back To You" to "Shake It Off" which actually evokes a kinder, gentler Lenny Kravitz with it's slow-burning rocking chorus. Other gems include a stunning cover of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" as well as both a studio and a live version of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", a staple at Gaines' live shows. The CD closes with a slightly reworked version of "Hero in Me" from his first self-titled CD, a song that is as poignant now as it's ever been which is especially fitting considering that this is easily Jeffrey Gaines' best work since that 1992 release

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