Jimmy McGriff

James Harrell McGriff was born in the nineteen-thirties in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where many of jazz's best organists originated from. Playing piano since the age of five, and later picking up the alto sax, and upright bass, this multi-versed musician has been recording great albums over the course of almost forty years. His latest, "Feelin' It" is a superb snapshot that displays this artist's diverse musicianship. From the beginning of this eight-track CD, the touching rhythms, smiling melodies and shuffling beats let you know that you are in for a real treat. The tracks are all jam-packed with music, each track giving you at least six minutes of listening pleasure. The live feeling is omnipresent o­n this disc and it's kicking all over the album. Especially in gems like, "Stan's Shuffle" and "Sermonizing". The reputation that Jimmy McGriff has developed over his forty years in the business has not dropped or soured o­ne bit. Treat your mind, soul and ears to the creative melodies and grooves that is, "Feelin' It".

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