Joel Kroeker

Winnipeg-born artist Kroeker has created an album that is a must for o­ne's collection of tortured poet rockers.  This is his second album, produced by True North Records.  His debut was Naïve Bohemian which was self produced.  Virtually unknown but extremely marketable, Kroeker produces an eclectic powerful sound.  Beautiful melodies and some rocking guitars carry these lyrics meant for close attention.  This is melodramatic emotive rock at its best: easy to listen to because its mellow but the words are so amazing it makes o­ne stop and think.  This album is perhaps a bit tongue in cheek though, or at least mockingly self-reflective.  "Endings"(which may be beautiful) is the first track and, in contradicting terms, creates an awesome beginning – this tune is definitely singles material.  "The Wind" continues, depicting the difficulty of sustaining anything beautiful while gorgeous guitar riffs keep the album flowing.  "Goodbye Jane" picks up the pace with lighter, faster music that almost has a country tinge which perhaps contributes to the fact that the words define the tragic absurdities of life. 
The middle of the album kind of slows down and o­ne could say it lacks the precision that make the beginning and, most certainly, the end of the disk a great listen.  There is nothing wrong with tracks like "Song For a Person o­n A Bridge", indeed it is a poignant and beautiful tune, but so mellow it could drift by if o­ne didn't actually take the time to listen.  The ending tracks of the album features music that again has a bit of that country/rock feel and great vocals.  "Naked Beauty", "With Me" and "Blue Moon Lounge" are tracks that reveal Kroeker's strong poetic nature and ability.  He is obviously a very talented and original singer-song writing that we should be seeing more of in the near future.

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