Johnny Winter

Although the blues have always been a major influence in Johnny Winter's music, he o­nly became recognized as an integral figure in rock and roll in the late 1970's . Rock fans devoured his wild guitar leads, they loved the skinny, tattoo bearing, long-haired showman. Winter signed with Alligator Records in 1984 and o­nce again focused o­n playing the blues.  In the early 80's, B.B. King commented that "Johnny Winters is the best white blues guitarist in the world."  Two of Winter's albums released by Alligator Records were nominated for Grammys and a few of the songs even found their way to the air waves.  The " Deluxe Edition" is a greatest hits compilation from Johnny's last 3 CD releases with Alligator Records.  This CD includes 14 tracks, among them: Don't Take Advantage Of Me, Mojo Boogie and two previously unreleased performances(Georgianna and Nothing But The Devil). Don't make the same mistake I did; I played this CD in my car without tightening up my seat belt first. I instantly found myself gone astray, yes lost o­n a wonderful musical expedition to guitar heaven and quite honestly I began to forget about the road. So drivers beware, pay attention to the traffic around you while sampling this wonderful blues collection.

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