John Pizzarelli

Montreal jazz fans rejoice, John Pizzarelli's newest album is now available in your local music store. o­n this his latest album release, Pizzarelli has attempted to create a mood that evokes an impromptu listeningto songs that elicit the diversestages of falling and staying in love; from the beginning of the relationship, to the typical days, to the occasional confrontational times.Pizzarelli sings o­n the first track: "Let there be wind, occasional rain, chili concarne, sparkling champagne…but most of all let there be love". Of course this CD sparkles with romance.Most of the selections o­n this disc derive from jazz standards dating back to the nineteen forties and fifties, however John Pizzarelli penned the fourth song o­n the CD called All I Saw Was You.Pizzarelli's wife, JessicaMolaskey collaborated o­n two of the compositions with him as well, these include, Lucky Charm and Da Vinci's Eyes.A couple of the standards included o­n this disc are Irving Berlin's, I'm Putting All My Eggs In o­ne Basket and Benny Goodman's Stompin' at the Savoy.This CD boasts fifteen selections that will surely convey romantic messages to the o­nes we love.

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