Jonny Lang

When I originally heard Lang o­n his first album, Lie to Me, I knew he was a noteworthy musician.  What I didn't know was how much better he would get with time.  Lang was a born blues-man with a rocker soul and his latest album is definitely a positive evolution.  The disk starts and ends with the unpretentious blues Lang is capable of generating.  The first single "Red Light", is a dreamy ballad with a melancholy introspection o­n the moment that is life.  Furthermore, there are several interesting flavours spinning around this album.  Lang's distinctive style comes through o­n this 14 songs blues tour de force. Considering that Lang's first two albums sold over a million copies each, there is no reason Long Time Coming shouldn't do as well.  Actually, there is reason for it to do that much better: Lang creates an empathic experience for his listeners with the strength of his voice alone.  For someone so young, he sounds as if he has experienced a lifetime of love and suffering.  As many have said, someone so young has no business writing and singing music this good.  If this album is a clue then Lang can o­nly get better as years go o­n.  

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