Joyce Cooling

Contemporary-jazz musician, Joyce Cooling has just finished her newest album, "Third Wish". Since 1997, this Bay Area guitarist/vocalist has taken the jazz world by storm. It seems that Joyce Cooling's premise for her fourth album was to create a contemporary-jazz album that is easy to understand and rhythmically groovy. o­ne of the ten tracks o­n this CD that really brings out some outstanding energy is "Mm-Mm Good" which also features singer Al Jarreau. Al Jarreau gives this track what it takes to be played over and over again without growing old too quickly. Along with the many other collaborators o­n this record, it provides an exceptional listening experience throughout the entire album. The clever formula of guitar soloing, songwriting, and vocal stylings prove successful for Joyce Cooling's fourth effort, and I welcome future works by this astonishing artist. I recommend this uplifting recording to any jazz fan looking for something fun, fresh, and groovy.

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