Kekele / Congo Life

For those of you who are not familiar with African music but would like to know more about it, you can start by checking out the album "Congo Life" by the group Kekele. The group consists of Bumba Massa, Loko Massengo, Nyboma Muan'dido and Wuta Mayi (lead vocals and chorus) with Syran Mbenza on guitars. After a successful run with their previous album "Rumba Congo," they have released a new one entitled "Congo Life." Critics have praised their style for it's originality and inspired by old school Congolese and Zairean music. Listening to this album will have you dreaming about balmy summer days. Kekele's music has a warm feeling and the instrumentation is enjoyable. Some notable tracks to check out are "Delali," "Issake Shango," "Madoyi," "Souvenirs Ok Jazz" and "Oyebi Bien." Music to discover.

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