King Cobb Steelie

King Cobb Steelie's ensemble of Kevin Lynn, Michael Armstrong, Kevan Byrne plus guests Tamara Williamson and Sam Sino were sensational.  Alluring their standing room o­nly crowd with trance like poly-rhythms, the mixing of dub, trip hop and pop was hypnotic. Tamara added vocals and guitars o­n selections such as Situation (my personal fave from the album) and the title track Mayday. Steelie's own ingenious soundman was able to simultaneously roll a cigarette without missing a beat. The King Cobb Steelie vocal harmonies were well thought out, their loops and signature effects awe inspiring. The set included some material from their 1997 release (Junior Relaxer) that brought even more bodies to the  packed dance floor. Fans loudly demanded an encore… Well worth the effort, the audience was duly rewarded with a dazzling display of Steelie's diversity, dipping into an old-school sound peppered by rock & roll guitar riffs, and joined by hallucinatory synth maneuvers, thumb-spanked bass and various feedback. After the show I caught up with Steelie groupie Moz; he also saw the band in both Ottawa and Toronto.  Moz has vowed to initiate a new Steelie fan at every show he attends. This time around, he initiated his friend and colleague Jeremy who is now an admitted fan. And so the tradition continues as more and more people are getting turned o­n to Steelie's trippy soundscapes; wow what a show!

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