Lang Lang / First Piano Concertos

The talented Lang Lang has realized a life long dream. After hearing Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto on the radio in his native China, he always wanted to perform this piece because it really struck a chord with him, one that invoked emotion. The young Lang Lang began practicing this piece at 9 years old and played it for the first time at the age of 13 with the China Youth Symphony in Beijing during his studies at the Central Music Concervatory. Now a young man he teams up with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra. What is particularly unique about the recordings on this album is the amazing sound and clarity. This is a super audio CD and contains "Direct Stream Digital" multi channel surround sound, "Direct Stream Digital" two channel stereo and CD standard stereo. In simpler terms, it is of superior quality than the average CD. Included are compositions by the famous Tchaikovsky and Felix Mendelssohn. You will be impressed with his ability to really capture the essence of these pieces and perform them superbly. Classic music lovers should check it out.

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