Large Professor

Get ready for another new face in the world of hip-hop: Large Professor's rockin' the mike with class. The album starts off with squeaky clean lyrics set against user-friendly beats, a sound which is somewhat different from what other contemporary hip-hop artists are producing. In fact, Large Professor prides himself o­n being innovative, coming out "with terms like never before", as he describes o­n "Bout That Time". Like any good hip-hop album, this o­ne is loaded with guest appearances by a number of powerful names: Akinyele, Nas, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip, which step up the cool factor of this recording. While the album keeps a constant upbeat pace, it ceases to be boring. Each track has a little something different to offer: "Ultimate" comes right out with a freaky futuristic sound, while "In The Sun" takes things down a notch with mellow Gregorian chants. This is definitely an album you won't want to miss. So be smart, be "chisel" and give this o­ne a listen.

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