Laura Fygi

Right from the first track, it is obvious that this lady has got talent. The Dutch singer was originally a member of a disco group named "Centerfold." In 1992, she decided to pursue a more jazz oriented solo career.  She has a few albums to her name such as "Bewitched," "The Lady Who Wants To Know" and "Watch What Happens" was released in 1997. This time around, she offers up "Change" an album, which displays her soft voice, which flows with ease. "Midnight Stroll" gets things off to a pleasant start. It's got a groovy sound. The vocalist mentions the title track "Change" as being o­ne of the most beautiful songs o­n this album. Indeed it is about change and letting go. A life lesson in the form of a song. Laura gets sentimental o­n "How do I Win Your Heart." It's a lovely slow paced ballad. Spanish vibes shine o­n "Latin Eyes." Another sweet song "Loved You So Long" sets the mood for romance. I Belong is a touching song with heartfelt lyrics and this brings the album to an end. 

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