Laurie Anderson

Almost seven months after Laurie Anderson's historic performance at New York's Town Hall and the masses are now invited to audition that emotionally drenched concert, recorded just eight days after 9/11. Eerily Anderson's lyrics have been considered prophetic considering the content of Anderson's spoken words. Laurie Anderson was born in Chicago o­n June fifth, 1947 and has been analogous to New York and it's Bourgeois artistic community. Laurie Anderson can be enjoyed in our homes, her high fidelity recordings are extravagant but Anderson should ideally be savoured live. Laurie Anderson is considered by many to be among our foremost performance artists. Anderson's live performances set a tone, incorporating images, lights, singing, dancing and thought provoking recitation. The following passage is part of the liner notes contained o­n this CD, written by Laurie Anderson: I know many artists had the feeling last fall that their work took o­n new meaning. For me, singing lines from "O Superman" like "Here come the planes. They're American planes. Made in America." Felt like I had written it yesterday. In fact, I had wrote the song in 1980…Loss, betrayal, death, technology, anger and angels, these have often been the things I have written about. At Town Hall in New York I was singing for o­nce about the absolute present." New and old songs are scattered throughout this spectacular live CD, Laurie Anderson's music truly sounds like no o­ne else's. Go out and get this o­ne.


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