Laurie Anderson

Soundscape music pioneer Laurie Anderson is at it again! Life o­n a String is a 12-track collection of emotive string and vocal arrangements littered with funkitude. The beauty of the tracks will mesmerize you o­n first spin, casting you adrift o­n Laurie's clever synthing and lyrics. The first track, o­ne White Whale, was an instant Orca fave, making tears flow hot through the heart. It tells the lonely tale of a solitary whale, whose song is lost in the depths of the vast waters of the frigid ocean. Laurie's versatile voice is at its most melodic within the luscious harmonies and playful rhythms that make up this tantalizing storybook. Life o­n a String is a must-have! Worth a good long look, and a good long listen, if o­nly for the all-important reminder of the wonder of the whale. Two thumbs up. Check this o­ne out if you're into something new and vibrant.

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