Leahy / In All Things

Canadian Celtic Fiddle band "Leahy" has put out some great music over the years. The group consists of fellow brothers and sisters of the Leahy family and they have certainly made their mark on the music scene with their unique sound and style. These Juno Awards winners recently released a brand new album entitled "All Things" which will keep fans listening from beginning to end. "Chasing Rain" and "Little Ditty" are excellent instrumental tracks. The group successfully combines fiddle and and country beats and keeps things interesting with their innovative foot stomping rhythms. The Lakefield, Ontario natives continue to impress with the intoxicating "High Places." "Runaway" is an enjoyable track , so is "I want You To Know." Leahy has put together a wonderful album. If you are not already a fan, once you have a listen, they will surely win you over.

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